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September 18th Episode of The Round Table Talk Show

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Today’s guests are:

1.) Faheem Smith
Faheem Smith – Army Vet (Operation Desert Storm), Digital Marketer,
Lead Generation and Automation Expert since 2015 I worked with musicians, realtors, solar companies, credit repair consultants,
real wholesalers, and more! In 2018 I was published on hundreds of CBS News, Fox, NBC, and ABC affiliate websites for my digital marketing skills. I am certified in advance funnel builder with Digital Marketer and messenger marketing expert with Manychat (chatbots).

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2.) Rene Byrd

Rene Byrd is the latest UK R&B/Pop songstress whose vocal talent has invited the attention of associates of the legendary Quincy Jones. Rene has performed at some of the most talked-about international venues and on behalf of a European Prime Minister. Rene Byrd comes from a corporate background, which funded and elevated her exciting musical career from the boardroom to stage. With her unique voice and engaging live performances, Rene has been creating a social media buzz with an online video that amassed over 50,000 views.

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4.) Meagan Copelin

Known as “The Mental Health Mogul”, Meagan is an author, blogger, podcaster, speaker, and certified mental health life & business coach. She is the founder of Mental Rich, a mental health movement dedicated to helping young girls and women who suffer from mental illnesses, steaming from abuse, abandonment, and rejection. Meagan’s passion is to become a trailblazing voice for young girls and women worldwide. Drawing on her own experiences of mental illness, Meagan uses her words to encourage others to build a home within themselves; to love, live, and create fearlessly.

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