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September 23rd Episode of The Round Table Talk Show

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Today’s guests are:

1.) Dana Nickerson
Dana Nickerson is a two-time breast cancer champion, License respiratory therapist a performance trainer and a mom to her 28-year-old daughter. She lives in Southern California in the city of North Hollywood. She is the creator of the University, a self development movement create it to employ were millennials to live their dreams! During her free time you can find her cycling, reading, Spending time with her daughter and friends, and enjoying California living.

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2.) Wayne McFarland

Wayne McFarland has more than 35 years of conceptual design, corporate project development, marketing, sales, and product management experience. His extensive work history includes new product introduction and market development encompassing creation, testing and implementation of multimedia campaigns, including online marketing, broadcast advertising, press release campaigns, distributor development, and the full range of social media.

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3.) Jaheyla Jones

Jaheyla is a director, writer, CEO, and creative. She has been running her own business since she was 18. She want to share her successes and help other young entrepreneurs of color who are just getting started.

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4.) Raquel Eatmon

Raquel Eatmon is a dynamic communications leader who understands the importance of being bold. As CEO of Rising Media LLC, author of two books, founder of the Woman of Power Conference (WoPC), professional speaker and the writer behind the 10-year Be Inspired with Raquel Gannett newspaper column, Raquel lives her mantra of boldness every day.

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