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Tammy Sorrento and Sharifah Hardie interview

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Tammy Sorrento and Sharifah Hardie interview 

Tammy Sorrento, a founder of Fireball Approves, aims to provide a safe and stress-free rental process to all those interested in spending a relaxing vacation with their family or renting a new home.

To date, She has sent X Number of these cases to the FBI and has helped save thousands of people the headache of losing out money and rental homes. 

Renters can verify the legitimacy of a rental listing at Now, renters will not be misled by fake rental ads as Fireball Approves Investigations is here to protect you.

This episode is sponsored by Fireball Approves:- 

Fireball Approves. Don’t fall for a rental scam. If you’re considering buying or renting contact us today to make sure Fireball Approves. Visit Tammy at: or call her at  904-580-6740 today!

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