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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Out of the Shadows Movie Review

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In this entry, the dreaded nemesis of humanity, Shedder (Tee) is broken out of prison by kooky-but-brilliant scientist Baxter Stockman (Perry), who has been entrusted to invent an ultra-powerful transporter device that will allow for travel between dimensions. Also on board is the maniacal alien Krang, who is part giant robot, part evil living brain, who sets about getting Shredder to use some strange, mutating ooze to make an army of super soldiers out of the Foot Clan, starting with the dimwitted but burly thugs Bebop (Williams) and Rock Steady (WWE's Sheamus), who immediately turn into a Rhino-man and Warthog-man, respectively. Krang's wild scheme involves gaining the otherworldly pieces together to form a gargantuan spaceship, the Technodrome, which is so powerful that he can usurp the entire planet of Earth with it once assembled.
Leading the resistance yet again are the titular quartet of Turtles, along with ally news reporter April O'Neil (Fox), spirited hockey-loving cop Casey Jones (“Arrow” star Amell), and Vern Fenwick (Arnett), the smarmy cameraman who got credit for saving New York from Shredder and gang the last time around because the Turtles weren't 'ready for the world'. Meanwhile, the Turtlesare conflicted about what to do about the mysterious ooze, as it not only has the power to turn humans into creatures, but also to turn the Turtles into humans, which could mean an end to them feeling like pariahs in a world where they're seen as monsters, despite their determination to be New York City's protectors.

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