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The 200th Episode of The Round Table Talk Show

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Today’s guests are:

1.) S. Deborah Desser

Deborah studied Languages, Literature & Linguistics in Montreal (Quebec) Canada. For over 30 years, She used her writing skills as She ran custom furniture and interior design company. She is a publisher and author of children’s book of poetry and haiku, and she is preparing to publish two more books. She is a proud mom of a son in med school, and passionate about the seed level of education.

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2.) ArDenay Garner

ArDenay Garner is a licensed Master Social Worker and Certified Professional Coach; owner of ArDenay Innerprize, LLC; and founder of The Campaign 42 National Scholarship Foundation. She provides coaching, speaking, and consulting services for aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners. She has hosted numerous events including her signature LOVE Campaigns, award ceremonies, and various seminars and workshops. ArDenay is on a personal mission to help 79,000 women identify their passion, develop their faith, and pursue entrepreneurship on their OWN terms!
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3.) Jessica Rider @jessica_l_rider

Jessica Rider is what you call an Integrator when it comes to business. A rare breed with the capabilities to take an entrepreneur’s vision and bring it to life by seeing every hole within the plan and implementing systems to plug them. As a visionary herself, she understands the passion for great things in the world but can also see how to accomplish them. Jessica has led teams and companies to great success by utilizing the skills instilled in her from a young age. She is never shy of hard work, commits to being kind to people, and always finds the solution to any challenge.
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4.)Barry Saywitz

Mr. Saywitz has 25 years of experience in the real estate industry. He began his career in the late 1980’s with Grubb & Ellis, and then with Howard Ecker & Co., in Orange County. In 1992, Mr. Saywitz became a partner in the West Coast operations of Howard Ecker & Co., and in 1994, he purchased the outstanding stock of the company and changed the corporate name to The Saywitz Company. Mr. Saywitz now oversees all of the management and ownership responsibilities for the company, in addition to becoming involved with the negotiations of selected transactions throughout North America.

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