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The Boss (2016) Melissa McCarthy – Comedy Movie Reviews

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Melissa McCarthy plays Michelle Darnell, an unwanted orphan who channels her despondent feelings into making something of her self as an adult, eventually emerging as a wildly successful financial tycoon (the 47th wealthiest woman in the country, according to her), a go-to guru spreading her secret-to-success in the form of arena-filling seminars with the sparkling spectacle of a metal concert. After she's imprisoned for a few months due to insider trading, thanks to a tip from her unscrupulous rival (and former lover) Renault (aka Ronald), Darnell finds herself back outside penniless and without many allies, relying on her former assistant, Claire, to help her get back on her feet. Soon enough, Darnell goes back to her cut-throat entrepreneurial ways when she makes a connection between Claire's yummy homemade brownies and Claire's daughter Rachel's box of cookies for a Girl Scout-like nonprofit organization, the Dandelions, which reap millions of dollars in sales. Starting her own for-profit troop known as Darnell's Darlings, her next business venture is now set, although the tactics to be top dog may not sit well with the kind-hearted people around her whose feelings she repeatedly tramples on without remorse.

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