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The Infiltrator (2016) Bryan Cranston – Movie Reviews

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Bryan Cranston decides to go on the other side of the drug laws from his stint on the seminal “Breaking Bad” with The Infiltrator, playing a true-life U.S. Customs agent named Robert Mazur, who, in the 1980s, would go undercover as a money launderer to bust some of the country's most wanted traffickers at the height of the Reagan-era, “War on Drugs”. Set in 1986, the highly effective operative, Mazur, is set for retirement when he decides to do one more case in “Operation C-Chase” to take down the drug men, only this time, he decides that the only way to actually stop the influx of product is to follow the money instead of the drugs, and take down the biggest fish in the game as he climbs up the proverbial food chain. Under his new identity of Bob Musella, Mazur plays a high roller with mafia ties who gains the trust of some men within a powerful and deadly Colombian drug cartel channeling through Miami, headed by the notorious Pablo Escobar, to invest hundreds of millions of dollars into his sham company operating as a legit business so that it won't draw suspicion.

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