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The March 15th Episode of The Round Table Talk Show

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Today’s guests are:

1.) Sarah Ohanesian
Sarah is a CMO turned Productivity Coach, Trainer & Speaker – She knows what it’s like to feel overwhelmed and what it’s like to feel accomplished, fulfilled, and joyful every day. She built the system, tools, and templates She needed to manage life as a busy CMO. Now, she share everything She learned and created. She coach and train busy professionals on how to be more productive.

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2.)Gabriel CIAN

Gabriel Graduated from the best engineering school in France, Ecole Polytechnique, in computer science. Started my first startup as a student. Co-founder of 500k+ users from 150+ countries.

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3.) Jacob Wedderburn-Day
Jacob Wedderburn-Day is the founder of Stasher — a travel tech startup that connects travellers looking to store luggage with shops and hotels providing storage space. Jacob and Anthony, friends from their time studying economics at Oxford together, co-founded the business in 2015.

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4.) Jake Porter

Jake Porter has done a lot of work in the business and political fields. He has managed retail stores (for both successful and unsuccessful corporations) and has worked for companies such as Yahoo and Apple.
In addition to his business work, Jake has even run for Governor of Iowa and has served on several boards and committees. He even, on occasion, advises Presidential candidates on strategy.

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5.) Diana Dajani

•Diana Al-Dajani is the founder and CEO of eduTechnoz, an online curriculum that gamifies and innovates the way children are taught Arabic .
• She has over ten years experience in online and B2B business development & international scale-up strategy. She was listed in the Global Index of 50 Makers & Shakers in EdTech, won multiple international awards for her startup, which received international recognition in the media, and participated in international speakerships roles. She also mentors entrepreneurs from all over the world, especially at the critical early stage of their journey.

Find more information about Diana at:


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