Tisheka-Morgan Hatter and Sharifah Hardie Interview

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Tisheka Morgan-Hatter is a widow. Her husband passed away almost two years ago on July 7th. He died from an asthma attack. She watched him take his last breath, as well stop breathing for 16 mins. Now she is sharing her incredible story of triumph.
She is a mother of three, has two businesses and is a strong Black woman going to college. She is an entrepreneur, lives in Phoenix, Arizona and has a daughter that is studying law at ASU. She has two sons and faces issues on a daily BUT THE GOD IN HER, THE FAITH IN HER, KEEPS HER PUSHING FORWARD AND MOTIVATED TO BECOME THE BEST PERSON AND THE BEST PARENT SHE POSSIBLY CAN!

You can learn more about Tisheka’s business at: https://linktr.ee/ShekieB

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