Toby Gant and Sharifah Hardie interview

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Toby Gant and Sharifah Hardie interview

Toby Gant is M.Ed. in Counseling and Human Development, Certified Holistic Life Coach, Registered Yoga Teacher 

Toby discovered the innate ability to connect with divine guidance in 1999.  This ignited a passion in him to teach others to tune in for themselves and walk in the fullness of their gifts.

Toby expands his knowledge and connection through personal daily practices and teaching classes, workshops, and retreats.  He served as Director of Youth Prevention Programs for a rehabilitation center and as Director of Environmental Education for a children’s science museum.  

Working in the fields of health and environmental education taught Toby to “practice what he preaches.”  He created his intuitive holistic coaching business, Shekhinah Holistic, from his desire to help others discover their true essence, thus creating balance, harmony, and fulfillment.  

He focuses on the whole person, believing that a healthy body opens the pathway for a clear mind and unlimited spiritual growth.  “When you take your perception of divine source and its infinite possibilities out of the box, you unlimit yourself.”

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