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Victor Briere – Ayurvedic Medicine and the Vagus Nerve (mind-body)

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Jayne Marquis ND Hom interviews Victor Briere an Ayurvedic Doctor and co-founder of the International Institute of Ayurveda. In this episode  Victor shares, just what is Ayurvedic Medicine, and how does it differ from conventional medicine. Important tips on health from an Ayurveda perspective, the explanation of  Doshas. Aldo the incredible properties of the Vagus Nerve and its vast connection to the mind-body are shared. Join us for this empowering conversation and spiral up!

 Victor is a gifted pulse reader specializing in ayurvedic diagnostic techniques and health counseling. His in-depth, individualized approach to health offers clients and students a detailed and encompassing perspective on the underlying causes of imbalance. Victor’s approach to wellness emphasizes the role and importance of lifestyle and dietary balance. He offers the support often needed to successfully address the root cause of illness and restore the body to health.

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International Institute of Ayurveda

Pulse Unveiled, The Art and Science of Ayurvedic Pulse Reading

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