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Viviana Puello interviews Cathleen Elle on The Winner’s Journey Podcast

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Cathleen is a Keynote Speaker |#1 International Best Selling Author Cathleen Elle.  She is a Certified Intuitive Coach, a transformational speaker, intuitive coach, and healer.   “When my son, Logan, took his life at the young age of 19 it shattered me. The pain was so intense, and I realized I had no choice but to surrender to the realization we have no control over what others do. Even those we hold most dear.  I’ve coped through multiple traumas but this experience was the catalyst that changed my life forever. I learned I’m the only one who can control how I respond to traumatic events, and I had a choice: I could die along with my son or I could honor him by investing in teaching others.   Today, I assist in changing the trajectory of others’ lives by providing tools to help them move through their trauma.  I will help you recognize when you first “stub your toe” instead of ignoring all the signs in front of you, and then falling off a cliff, picking up the broken pieces, and trying to climb back out of yet another challenging event in your life.   Whether it’s a divorce, a job, substance abuse, emotional or physical abuse, illness, or the sudden death of a loved one, we all go through a grieving process.   The emotions are similar but some are more intense than others. The emotions you experience will continue to show up in your life until you recognize the pattern, learn new ways to respond, and take action by changing your life and becoming emotionally fit.   Your emotional fitness is just as important as your physical fitness.   I teach people like you to take control of what you can and learn a new way to live.“

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