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Who Inspires YOU to “GREATNESS” with Queenie and special guest, Spoken Word Artist, Mr. Taalam Acey Ep14

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FINAL EPISODE for this Series

We are at the end of our Season II series and we wanted to end this on a high NOTE! We have created an anthology of conversations surrounding “INSPIRATION” that is meant to inspire each and everyone of us! 14 Episodes filled with the same theme and the same message! Check us out!

For our Spoken Word FANS, you don’t want to miss EPISODE 14!

We were blessed to have the living legend himself, Mr. Taalam Acey, stop by the Bar Talks Podcast  Studio and chat with us! 

Spoken word artist Taalam Acey is the author of  at least 7 books and 16 albums. 

He is associated with two Sundance Awards, and has been featured on BET, TV One, The Documentary Channel, The Dodge Poetry Festival and the Essence Music Festival.

Mr. Acey is such a deep brotha with so much knowledge and wisdom falling from his lips every time he speaks! This interview is meant to inspire you, motive you and raise your vibration, while listening to a poetic chat between Queenie and Taalam Acey!

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