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YouTube LIVE with NPD Survivor and Author of “Charlie’s Secret” Melody Law.

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The Silent Killer! Yes, Narcissistic Abuse is indeed the silent killer of so many. Tune in as Melody Law shares her story of discovery and triumph as she separated herself from her abuser! There’s so much to learn from “Charlie’s Secret” and Melody Law’s story. 

One of the reasons why emotional abuse goes unnoticed is there aren’t any laws prohibiting mind games, browbeating, or name calling. Even though, bruises and broken bones heal much faster than a broken spirit. Narcissistic abuse is such an under-recognized public health issue because describing what you can’t see or prove presents a huge challenge, and narcissists can easily present themselves as loving guardians and partners. The only way to end narcissistic abuse, is to start by raising awareness and educate people about what it is, the warning signs, and how to avoid pathological people.

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